Redesigned Head Focus of New Scott Echo Release

Scott Releases, the industry leader in release aid technology, has tapped into its 35-year legacy to match experience with innovation and create the Echo™ index finger release.

Scott Echo release has a redesigned head to help you make better shots from any angle.

The focal point of the Echo is the new Hyper Jaw™ technology, resulting in a never-before-seen release head configuration. The independent jaws operate in perfect synchronization with one another, removing any lateral torque produced by inconsistencies in shooting form.

The truly unique function of the Hyper Jaw comes from the asymmetrical design, which delivers unmatched efficiency in the jaw opening response, greatly helping shooters seize the moment when a fleeting shot presents itself. In addition, the curved trigger design of the Echo provides a distinct feel and increased finger placement options, while ergonomic “grip ridges” promote consistent finger placement during every shot.

Echo Release Highlights:

— Independent jaws eliminate torque
— Off-center design delivers high-efficiency opening response
— Roller Trigger System (RTS) creates smooth, adjustable trigger action
— Independent trigger travel and tension adjustments
— Curved trigger design provides a distinct feel and increased finger placement options
— Ergonomic grip ridges promote the same finger placement every shot
— MSRP: $119.99