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Little Goose II

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Time-Tested, Best-Selling Single Caliper Design That’s Reliable & Robust

As one of the longest and most proven release designs in the industry, the Little Goose II is one of Scott Archery’s best sellers while bringing a refreshed look to the scene, with its slimmed-down head design and NEW Outdoor Green colored head. 

The Little Goose II offers 5 different position adjustments to deliver you exactly the anchor point you're looking for while the forward position, knurled trigger optimizes draw lengths for enhanced performance.


  • NEW Slimmed-Down, Compact Outdoor Green Colored Head
  • Leather Wrist Strap DesignWith Neoprene For Extra Comfort
  • Solid Swivel Connector with Patented 5-Hole Length Adjustment
  • Forward Positioned, Knurled Trigger Design Maximizes Draw Length
  • Patented Angled Jaw Design for Better String Clearance


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    AW in MS


    Brandon Hammond
    All timer Release

    One of the longest running and still one of the best simple is perfect designs ever for a release!

    Great release

    Bought a new one to replace my 15 year old little goose. If this one lasts as long I’ll going to be happy


    Great product and warranty and was given a promo code for a new release!

    Clean break with a hair trigger. Some issues.

    This has the best feel of all the wrist releases I have tried. Hair trigger that has no "sponge" to it when you pull back on it.

    My only issues with it are that after 8 months with little use in wet weather some hardware is rusting. Also, the main portion that I believe is supposed to swivel managed to back itself all the way out and dropped on the trail. I did manage to get it screwed down all the way (indicated with pen) but it's not in the perfect position now. It would be great if it could swivel but still stay secured. I'm not sure if loctite would keep it from rotating.

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