Mongoose XT Release

Scott Archery

$ 109.99

The Mongoose XT is the best trigger release SCOTT has ever made! It's a single caliper design which is a SCOTT exclusive and gives you crisp trigger activation and reliable performance.

The Mongoose XT also offers a ShutDown self-closing spring-loaded jaw, a SCOTT first. This feature ensures foolproof string loop engagement so you‰ۡó»ll always be in shooting mode.


  • ShutDown self closing jaw
  • Solid Swivel Connector with patented 5-hole spiral length adjustment
  • Trigger enhancing spring for increased range of trigger adjustability
  • Ultra-thin, titanium-coated stainless steel jaw
  • SCOTT‰ۡó»s exclusive Roller Sear design for clean, crisp triggering
  • Zero trigger travel design