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Wrist Strap Release
Back-tension style release in an index finger design offering ultimate adjustability and versatility.
With a slim, open hook design, the Verge is perfect for index finger shooters looking for a back-tension style release that features maximum comfort and ultimate versatility. Create a custom feel with the adjustable, two finger trigger design which allows archers the ability to execute a shot with numerous finger placement options. The Verge’s single sear mechanics not only has adjustable travel settings but also offers the ability to add a pre-shot click option to create a custom-tailored shot. The auto return hook features a pivoting swivel connector to reduce torque while anchoring for maximum accuracy while the NCS Strap accommodates all hand sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I just returned to target shooting with a bow. After more than a decade hiatus from bow shooting and using a caliper type release from another brand, I relied on the advice of others and finally selected this release. There are a few features that made me select this release. Coming from competition firearms the trigger feel was important and this product delivered where it mattered most. The trigger profile is very comfortable, and the twin finger setup made for excellent control. The next feature was the two-stage trigger. Not something I initially felt mattered, but I was surprised how natural the initial set (click) felt and aided in my execution. The adjustability is also a key factor. All meaningful adjustments are easy, and I expect small tweaks in will only make things better overall.

Jacob Irwin

This product is awesome. Helps me slow down my shot process and make good shots rather than punch a trigger.

Doug Hinson

I am very pleased with the verge. Great release.

Austin Waddell
Simply awesome!

This release is extremely easy to make fit perfect and ever since I’ve started using back tension my groups have tightened so much, I was using a hinge on the range but scared to take it to the woods because of the what if factor. The verge cures all the what ifs with the same back tension style execution. Couldn’t be more happy. Thankyou for an amazing product

Walter Bowlan

I see why it’s in high demand had to wait a few weeks well worth it 34 years archery experience love it will help new archers not develop bad habits and great for old timers like me to I harvested a hog with the clicker on gonna leave it on to deer hunt Love it!!! Thanks to everyone at Scott for developing this release

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