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Why Scott


Scott Archery designs each release with proper fit, feel & function in mind.


Scott wrist releases have been designed to enhance your shooting through comfort and consistent fits. To avoid release to impact inconsistencies, you rely on anchor points and a draw that feels exactly the same each and every time. Scott Archery uses the best materials and consistent fit finishes to help you feel connected to the string from anchor to release point straight out of the box. 


Easily adjustable, Scott Archery manufactures releases to fine tune and create an archer’s desired feel through adjustable travel and tension on select models. The wrist strap’s ergonomic design ensures consistent hand and finger placement, and the knurled or shotgun trigger further enhances the customizable feel of a Scott Release.


As the most trusted name in releases, Scott Archery has been identifying the little things that make a big difference to the bowhunter and archer for over 40 years. Proudly Made in America, Scott Archery brings together high-quality materials, target inspired design and tight tolerances to deliver dependable performance that allows the shooter to Release With Confidence.



Exclusively from Scott, the single caliper head is a robust and reliable release. With few moving parts, the rugged design of the single caliper performs in the worst weather while the compact head delivers crisp activation shot after shot. For those that prefer, Scott single caliper releases provide generally lighter trigger settings. 


The dual caliper design delivers symmetrical distribution of friction. This means that the loop is released cleaner and with less torque. The dual caliper design features a larger head, giving more to wrap your fingers around. A wide range of trigger adjustments offer increased options to customize the release for the individual archer. 


Patented HyperJaw™ technology from Scott features independent operating jaws. This asymmetrical jaw design delivers unmatched opening response. The result is a clean release that eliminates torque. Every time.


Scott Archery’s string loop releases are auto cocking and ultra compact — and produce very minimal string wear.


Thumb button releases allow shooter’s to expand their shooting style and activate their back muscles. Featuring a crisp trigger feel, Whether target shooting, 3D or bowhunting, Scott’s thumb button releases are great for any shooting styles and lead to greater anchoring consistencies.


For over a decade, Scott Archery™ has enlisted the expertise of accomplished tournament archers in the design and feel of every hand-held release. The result is a line of back tension releases that help you perform under pressure. We found the optimized pivot point which means you’ll shoot better. Our radius design means no flat spots to cause finger binding. And, each release puts your fingers in optimal performance positions – we call this “finger ergonomics.” Ultimately, the proof is on the podium.

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