Best Selling Releases

  • WildCat 2

    The WildCat 2 builds on the popular design of the original Scott WildCat. It features an ergonomic head for comfort and performance when you need it most.

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  • Advantage

    With the Scott Advantage, you’ve found what you need to boost your score. Built from our most successful handle design, these tournament-focused back tension releases put all your focus where it needs to be – on aiming.

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  • Longhorn Hunter

    This three finger back tension release is built for the hunter, based on our proven Longhorn platform. A tradition of winning translated into a release that you can take into the woods with confidence.

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Scott Archery - Quick Shot Release - accurate, reliable, and very affordable. Scott Archery - Quick Shot Release - excel at hunting, 3D, and Field.

The new Scott Quick-Shot release delivers unmatched accuracy and reliability in an affordable design. This single-jaw caliper release, features our signature roller sear design for an ultra-crisp trigger activation.

Best Selling Apparel

  • Scott Basic Black Hoodie

    Whether you're a bow hunter or a target archer, Scott products simply perform. Now, look great when you're shooting featuring the new Scott logo on this hoodie that will last as long as you do.

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  • Scott Bones Tee

    Archery isn't about sport. It's not about the size of the trophy. It's not about the thrill of the kill. It's about the patience. The dedication. The pure grit to stick it out. Show off your grit with the new Scott Bones Tee

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  • Scott Vital Black Tee

    The new Scott logo on this super comfortable black tee is an instant classic. It feels as great as your favorite release.

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