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Do You Have the Right Release?

Choosing the right archery release can significantly enhance your shooting accuracy and consistency. At Scott Archery...

Unlocking Precision: Exploring the World of Archery Releases for Enhanced Accuracy and Performance

Archery, a sport with ancient roots, has evolved significantly over the centuries. One of the most notable advancemen...

Switching to Handheld Releases - Tips & Tricks with Stephen Altizer

I started shooting a bow at the age of 16, and just like everyone in my town, started with a wrist strap release, as ...

Best Releases for Target Panic - Tips & Tricks with Darrin Christenberry

Target panic to me, is a mental issue that is just a fear of failure. It basically is just the inability to put your ...

Target Panic Drills - Tips & Tricks with Nathan Brooks

Being consistently accurate is what all bowhunters, target archers and recreational shooters desire. Unfortunately, m...
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