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Do You Have the Right Release?

Do You Have the Right Release?

Choosing the right archery release can significantly enhance your shooting accuracy and consistency. At Scott Archery, we know the impact the right release can have on your performance, whether you're hunting or target shooting. With many different release options with Scott Archery, you can be sure to find the right release for all of your needs.

The Advantage of Multiple Releases

Owning multiple releases empowers you to tailor your gear to different shooting scenarios. For instance, a hinge release can help you refine your technique during practice, while a caliper release can provide the reliability you need in the field. By using different releases, you can develop a more versatile and well-rounded shooting skill set, giving you the confidence to tackle any shooting situation.


Benefits of Different Archery Releases

Hinge Releases: Hinge, or back tension releases, can greatly improve your shot execution. By promoting a surprise release, they help reduce anticipation and target panic. This can lead to smoother, more controlled shots, resulting in tighter groupings and improved overall accuracy.

Thumb Button Releases: Thumb button releases offer a comfortable and controlled release experience. The thumb-activated trigger allows for precise control, reducing the likelihood of flinching. Many archers find that the ergonomic design helps them shoot more comfortably for extended periods, which can help maintain better form and consistency, leading to more accurate shots.

Caliper Releases: Caliper releases are known for their reliability and ease of use. The familiar index finger trigger makes them intuitive for many archers. Using a caliper release can help you achieve a clean, quick release, which is particularly beneficial in hunting situations where timing is critical. The dependable trigger action can enhance your confidence, allowing you to focus on your target and release with confidence.


Explore Scott Archery Releases

At Scott Archery, we offer a wide range of release aids, each one meticulously crafted with precision engineering and innovative features. This ensures that every shot you take is backed by the highest quality. Click here to view our full collection of releases or contact your local dealer to find the perfect release for your needs and take your archery skills to the next level. Trust Scott Archery to provide the tools you need to succeed! 

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