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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me a replacement trigger?

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Triggers can be replaced by two methods depending on the type of trigger. If your trigger is a threaded older model, we can send you out a replacement if we still have your trigger in stock. Newer models with fully machined triggers will need to be sent in for repair.

How do I adjust the moon on my hinge release?

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Depending on the model, instructions will vary. Watch this step by step instructional video to assist you.

How do I adjust trigger travel on my release?

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To adjust trigger, travel you will need to adjust the trigger travel set screw found at the base of your trigger assembly. By moving this set screw in or out, you will adjust the distance in which the trigger will travel. Watch this instructional video for more information.

My wrist strap is badly worn is that covered under warranty?

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Worn wrist straps are considered normal wear and tear, so it is not covered under warranty. To order a new strap, you are welcome to reach out to customer service either by phone (877-503-5483) or by emailing

I have an old Scott release. Is that still covered under warranty?

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Certain products are no longer covered and are no longer manufactured or covered under warranty. Please reference releases that have reached their end-of-life here.

How do I get a replacement straps for my release and what is the cost?

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We are working diligently to make straps available to you on our website. For now, you are welcome to reach out to customer service either by phone (877-503-5483) or email ( for pricing and availability.

How do I return a release for repair?

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Learn more about Requesting A Repair HERE & Follow the instructions to receive service.Before requesting a repair,
please review our
End of Life List as these models are no longer able to be serviced.

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